2011 Project: Cookies Inspired by Books!

I know, I know. I already have a 2011 project. And that project is a character blog for my literary fiction collection. Of course going to the 'Family Album Blog' tab on my new website design you'll be taken to a 'coming soon' page. And it is coming! I swear! But this new project is something that can be done much quicker and is tastier in nature. Yes, it involves dessert, but also my next favorite thing books! And this may not be just a 2011 project but an on-going one.

A few weeks ago I was tweeting with author Amy Garvey. Her new YA book Cold Kiss released on September 20th and I had a chance to read it since she was at Book Expo. Cold Kiss is a beautifully textured book about a girl with powers who brought her dead boyfriend back to life and must deal with the repurcussions. (Amy is currently doing a virtual blog tour so check out her Twitter and Facebook page to find out more details.)

Amy is a baking enthusiast just as I am. And I mentioned I would like to create a cookie based on her book. She said "YES!" (just as enthusiastically as I typed it too.)

I read another Book Expo find with the much hyped and well-deserved lauded Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. (DSB came out just this past Tuesday and Laini is currently on tour.) I loved Laini's National Book Award nominated book Lips Touch: Three Times and had a chance to meet and eat dinner with her and her super-talented artist husband Jim after the awards ceremony with my friend who was their publicist and Laini's agent. I still remember the lovely world of Prague that she created and suddenly had an inspiration for a cookie inspired by her book.

So, my project is to create cookies based on books I really enjoyed! I've already created one for Cold Kiss and will be doing one for Daughter of Smoke and Bone next week. I may have another idea for a book to do soon, but may not. Either way I am going to post results on these two as my next 'baking' post. And if I have any more inspiration I'll make sure to let you and the authors know.

Feel free to let me know of any suggestions you have whether for books and/or for cookies!

Spread the word, people! I am getting inspired!