@WriteOnCon's Mid-Winter PitchFest 2013

The time is nearing for WriteOnCon's mid-winter PitchFest for 2013! This is a great opportunity for emerging writers to pitch their completed YA/MG manuscripts with agents on the hunt!

A couple of weeks ago the forums opened so that writers could post their pitches on the YA or MG writers' forum to get feedback from other writers on their pitches. I put mine up for my YA sci-fi piece and got incredibly helpful feedback. The people on the board are helpful and generous and have some great pitches themselves. I learned a lot about the process of getting to-the-point in my pitch and am confident the synopsis for my book is much stronger thanks to the input from others.

So sign up for alerts from WriteOnCon to find out more about the upcoming PitchFest and other PitchFest/Conferences they have throughout the year. As I may have mentioned in my post thanking my YA critique partners I met these wonderful ladies through WriteOnCon and have been all the richer for it. So, just sign up. There's nothing to lose only stuff to gain.

Happy writing!