Online Bake Sale for Philippine Typhoon Victims, #bakesale4pinas

On Monday, Tina De Guzman of Pinay in Texas will be holding an online bake sale with proceeds going to those in need after the major destruction of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines a couple weeks ago. Thousands of people are reported dead/missing and the damage is extensive with a big need for food, water, and shelter by citizens of various districts in this country.

I'm sure you've seen pictures of the destruction and many have been doing great things to help. My buddy Courtney is also holding her own bake sale to donate proceeds to those in need for this cause.

My contribution is a couple dozen freshly made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

These are one of my fave things to make in general and particularly come fall. So, stop by Tina's site on Monday, November 25th and review the list of goods that not just I but many bakers, bloggers, culinary professionals will be offering up for purchase and just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Please spread the word and stop by to donate or make a donation to places such as the Red Cross.

Happy holidays and lets hope for lots more aid to the Philippines.