Interview with Chloe Stinetorf of Chloe Doughy (Delivering fresh and new cookie dough so anyone can feel like a high class baker.)

You know I love participating in the #NYCBakeSale and I have to say that #NYCBakeSale also has some of the best contributors and supporters in the nation. This year Chloe Stinetorf was kind enough to offer up a one month sample of her doughs at Chloe Doughy as one of the raffle prizes. I entered and surprisingly won! (I rarely win things.)

I was psyched to sign up for and receive the May doughs which included lavender lemon (and the chocolate chip staple that subscribers get every month along with the new flavor). Imagine my delight when I made the chocolate chip and got a chocolatey sweet slightly salty cookie all in one! And being that my computer broke down soon after making these cookies it served as a nice therapeutic solution while I was on hold with tech support.

The following week I made the lavender lemon and once again was balled over by the subtlety of the flavors but how well they worked and the lovely crisp shortbread nature of this cookie. After this sampling I--and my co-workers whom I shared these cookies with--know that Chloe Doughy is the real deal and a new New York gem.


A lot of people I've spoken to, and even for myself, say that baking started as a family endeavor, a kind of bonding time. This seems to be the case when it comes to you and the creation of Chloe Doughy in having baked with your grandmother in your youth. What is it about cookie dough that you think really strikes people or encourages these kind of memories and positive associations?

A freshly baked cookie right out of the oven tastes and smells delicious, and for many people that triggers happy memories of baking with family. I always think about my grandmother when I'm baking because she has taught me so many recipes and techniques over the years.  


Why deliver cookie dough? Why not deliver the finished product? Is it that you want to bring unique flavors to people in a way that is “less scary” to those that don't often cook/bake from scratch or a way to enhance the taste factor so that people can enjoy them fresh or are there other factors?

Baking makes me very happy, and my goal with Chloe Doughy is to share that joy with other people. Cookie dough delivery allows people to experience the delight of home baking without the hassle. At Chloe Doughy we say, "Skip to the fun part!" We also love inventing and sharing our unique cookie dough flavors of the month--the variety is exciting for our customers, and we deliver a product unlike anything they can find in stores.


It seems that your cookie dough flavors are somewhat seasonally based. For instance, the lavender lemon dough (which my co-workers adored, by the way) feels very summery with the citrus and lavender fragrance. You’ve previously offered orchard crumble and maple snowball dough in the past during cooler months. So what may be in store as we head into a warmer summer and then into fall?

We're excited to announce our July flavor of the month, the Strawberry Liege! The recipe is based on our obsession with the traditional Liege Belgian waffle. Our Strawberry Liege recipe incorporates crunchy Belgian pearl sugar, a crumble topping and sweet fragrant strawberries. We often incorporate seasonal produce and ingredients in our special monthly doughs, and right now strawberries are in season! Our August cookie dough flavor hasn't been announced yet, but we'll give you a hint, it's a tribute to our favorite August holiday . . . Shark Week!


Does inspiration hit you out of nowhere or is there a solid something that tethers you to an idea you want to pursue? What inspires you each month for your flavor(s) and how far in advance do you plan your cookie doughs?

I'm often interested in working with a specific ingredient first, and I start there and work my way out, developing a dough that complements that ingredient. For instance, our Maple Snowball cookie for January was inspired by my love of pure Vermont maple syrup and I knew I wanted it to be crunchy and incorporate powdered sugar, and our Glazed Earl Grey came about because I wanted to develop an orange flavored cookie that would pair well with breakfast tea. I'm usually working on 4-5 recipes at once, it takes a long time to get the flavor, consistency, and texture just right. Experimenting with recipes in the kitchen is my favorite part!


Chocolate chip is considered the ‘base’ of cookies, I think. It’s simple but quite effective especially when done right. And I have to say of all the store bought, bakery fresh, and homemade chocolate chip cookies I have tasted Chloe Doughy’s is the best. What do you think helps to make a “basic” cookie stand out without too much accessorizing?

Thank you, it's nice to hear that because I've been working on our Classic Chocolate Chip recipe for years! Chocolate chip cookies come in all varieties: crispy, chewy, thick, thin. The list goes on forever! I think the best chocolate chip cookies have something special and memorable to them, for instance I love Tate's cookies because they're so buttery and crispy; there's no other crispy cookie quite like them. For our recipe, I wanted a cookie that was soft and full in the middle and crispy at the edges and bottom. I love having different types of bites in the same cookie! The qualities that make our Classic Chocolate Chip cookie special are also enhanced by the immediacy of eating them fresh out of the oven, which is an important part of the Chloe Doughy experience.


What is the end goal for Chloe Doughy? To expand in terms of the amount of doughs or to be able to reach a larger community outside of NYC? Hosting more classes? Or does the hope for the Chloe Doughy brand go beyond that?

First, I want to grow our local NYC business so that we're able to deliver to all five boroughs! I'd also love to sell our cookie doughs at local markets and grocers. We're also working on a shipping option for overnight delivery out of state (stay tuned!) and we're expanding our baking class schedule as well. Our cookie doughs make people happy, so I'm excited to expand and reach more customers.

Chloe-o Cookie


I really like that you have baking classes catered to children of various ages. Many bakeries tend to go after the older sect, but you offer cookie dough classes for both groups. What was the decision for that and, also, what do you aim to help students with in these classes?

My mother is a first grade teacher and I've taught in her classroom a lot over the years--everything from baking to art, even some math! I love the early elementary school age range--they're so full of energy. Baking with young children is a lot of fun, and they love measuring ingredients, whisking, and rolling out dough. I remember baking from a very early age with my family, so it gives me joy to teach other young bakers. I want children who take my classes to become adventurous and bake at home with their families, I also want them to appreciate the care that goes into baking and how special it is to have something homemade.


Beyond Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are there other places online or even at local food fairs or stores where people can find Chloe Doughy products?

Join our mailing list to stay in touch! We always announce when we're going to be selling cookies or dough at local fairs and special events.


Chloe is also, very generously, offering a $15 discount to readers for your first month of cookie dough when you sign up for Chloe Doughy. The code is: JENNIFERBAKER

Yup, I'm a code! Thanks so much again, Chloe!