Delayed on Posts, But More to Come Soon. Promise!

Well, in looking at my last post it was almost 2 months ago! And it will be 2 months ago by the time I am able to get my next post up. I have been delinquent with the blog this year and hope to remedy that in July, along with focusing on many other writing endeavors.

Lots has been going on in the past couple months since I returned from Italy. I got a promotion for We Need Diverse Books and am formally the head for the 2016 diversity festival. I am running the Minorities in Publishing podcast as a one-woman act, and I am moving this week! So it's been lots of meetings, planning, organization, more meetings, lots of diversity-related stuff, setting up interviews for the podcast, planning on writing and not writing, some freelance thrown in with a full-time job and all that good stuff.

So, I do apologize for the lack of posts. I have a couple drafted and queued up in particularly for the Brooklyn Wing Crawl I was part of before Memorial Day and this years' last BEA/BookCon in NYC for a bit, and there'll be more Cookbook Trials, of course, once I get set up in my new apartment. So, yes, more to come and please bear with me as I get re-acclimated in a new space, get more focused and organized in terms of my time, and also schedule some necessary food outings so I can keep you all in the know!