Kickstarter Home Stretch for @DrunkBakers: Pie, Cupcakes, Cocktails 7 Days a Week

Kickstarter is all the rage these days. We can fund shows, movies, publications, and the list keeps growing. Well, I support this latest venture by Allison Kave & Keavy Blueher of Butter & Scotch.

Allison was one of the first baking interviews I did and I'm a HUGE fan, as you know, of her pies. S'mores, apple, peanut butter pretzel, candy apple, strawberry basil, all of it goodness in dessert-form. And I've been introduced more to the desserts they've collaborated on (like the sticky toffee trifle) and the diversity of Keavy's mini cupcakes. So, what is this Kickstarter for? A storefront in Brooklyn!

Admittedly, my selfishness would love for them to open a store in Queens but hey dessert and cocktails on the regular? That's right. If you ordered Allison's pies or Keavy's cupcakes online you won't have to anymore. No more waiting for food fairs to spring up in warm climate or for fancy events where they are like Village Voice's Choice Eats. You'll be able to acquire these treats regularly.

Both ladies have built their businesses from being available for those in-the-know to their confections becoming signature desserts in NYC. How can you not have had the hot chocolate pie or the maple bacon cupcakes? And you haven't tried the pie shake?!? [fanning myself] Y'alls need to rectify that ASAP.

The money from this Kickstarter will pay for the essentials like equipment for one as they seek to create Brooklyn's first dessert & cocktail bar. (They need an oven to make more cupcakes!)

Allison & Keavy have been getting lots of great press, Butter & Scotch has already been named as having one of the Best Desserts of 2013 by the Village Voice. They're well known in the food community and are just super nice and generous ladies. Love 'em. I really hope to see the $50,000 fulfilled within the 8 days left on the Kickstarter as of this post, so everything can come full circle for them. You can claim some fantastically cute and/or tasty items based on the donation amount.

Whether one person reads this post and donates or 100 do every bit really does help and the more word spread the better in these last days. Need I remind you about Kickstarter? If you don't get the pledged amount you get nada, so let's bulk up those numbers! I mean in all honest who does not like pie or cupcakes or cocktails or popcorn (yes, they do popcorn too!) cool portraits in crayon or all of the above?