DUB Pies for #SandyRelief

In light of the recent events of Superstorm Sandy affecting many in the tri-state area, especially New York City and New Jersey, the giveaway I had intended is now to feed those in need post-Sandy.

I want to sincerely thank Gareth of DUB (Down Under Bakery) Pies for being generous in providing 16 pies to people who've been affected by Sandy and may not have had a hot meal in a week or so amidst many losses.

Gareth informed me that DUB has their own storefront in Brooklyn called The Pie Shop where visitors can not only get pie but their daily caffeine fix. I'm glad to hear this homegrown business was one that was not hit hard by Sandy last week. I'm always happy to hear about eateries that start off small whether online or mainly in markets and then grow because of steady patronship and good product. DUB Pies is one of those such success stories.

DUB Pies has been named the Meatiest Meat Pie by The Village Voice and has been noted in New York Magazine and Time Out New York

I will be delivering frozen or warm pies from DUB's menu. I'm reaching out to Occupy Sandy to aid in providing warm and delicious pies to those in need. If you have any further information or know of others who may be in need of items don't hesitate to let me know via email and also check Occupy Sandy, Food Bank of NYC, and Red Cross on ways to help Sandy Relief efforts.

A little about DUB Pies...

What makes DUB Pies different from other savory items you may have eaten? First off, it's pretty much all savory (except for offering the American staple apple pie). Second, these are some hearty pies stuffed to the gills with meat and/or veggies in non-traditional crust that is both buttery (made with shortening/lard) yet thick and not so much flaky to cater to the fullness you'll feel after eating it. What makes NYC a food mecca is that you can get so many variations on ethnic cuisine and DUB is no different. Gareth is a native of New Zealand and brought his native culinary skills and ingredients to NYC to broaden our pallets in terms of the meaty/savory pie realm.