New (Writing) Venture Pour Moi...(Fiction Femme Fatale)

I had meant to note this earlier in the month and you may have already seen posts via Twitter and Facebook and such. But I wanted to formally note on my website that I have joined in with writers Amy Christine Parker, Krystalyn Drown, and Stefanie Jones on their middle grade/young adult website Fiction Femme Fatale (or as I like to call it Triple F). :-) Amy is my YA critique partner whom I met via WriteOnCon. She's been a great help as I've been writing (and rewriting and editing) my YA novel. And I am super-stoked that her book The Silo will be coming out with Random House next year! Also, Krystalyn's book Spirit World is coming out via Entranced Publishing next year as well! So trust me, just put these titles on your Goodreads To Read list and buy 'em.

The gist of Triple F is that once a month one of the members will pick a photo/image as a prompt to write a 1,000 word story. We each contribute and on weeks where there are five Fridays it is open for followers to submit a story for posting as well based on the image. Triple F also has giveaways such as critiques from members and agents and books/ARCs.

You can view the guidelines for submitting here.

My first contribution went up a couple weeks earlier than planned last Friday. And you can view it here. I realized after speaking with my instructor at the Napa Valley Writers' Conference that my strength is to write dark and sad material. So I wanted to try for something lighter my first time around. It was a nice challenge and it resulted in a middle grade (or younger) type fiction piece.

Generally I will be contributing the fourth Friday of the month, unless something changes. But I hope you'll check back every Friday to see what Krystalyn, Stefanie, and Amy post. They're super talented writers with a great imagination and eye for description. Amy's last piece "A Winter Tale" gave me the heebie jeebies in a good way. So I'm psyched to have been asked to join and be in such great company of writers.