(Mini) Flushing Food Crawl!

My friend Anna is at it again! Taking place the day before Halloween she organized a mini food crawl in Flushing, Queens. We hit up three places, including the Flushing mall! And enjoyed some delectable and specifically Asian cuisine. Unfortunately, since a couple of these places had names written in Cantonese or Mandarin (Flushing is Queens' Chinatown after all) I couldn't name every location we enjoyed. But, good food is good food.

Anna and I wore our Halloween outfits for this crawl on a chilly and breezy Saturday. And I have to say I kind of regretted holding a bow and arrows during a food crawl on a chilly day, it got kind of tedious finding places to put it while eating on the street. We met up at Flushing library and headed across the street and ducked into 41st Avenue, across the street from the Starbucks and hit a whole-in-the-wall place that had a menu that was in English.

The red hair is Anna as Arlene from "True Blood"

It was mainly appetizer, finger food type goods and most of us indulged in dumplings. I enjoyed the spring roll which was greasy and flaky and delicious. Plus those prices were reasonable for bite-sized goods and a good preparation for larger dishes.

The line was a bit long and you have to kind of elbow your way in and stand your ground so you can order, especially if you don't know the language.

Next up, we had $1.00 duck buns(!) at Corner 28 Restaurant and Caterers on Main Street.

Duck Bun for a dollar!

These buns had more skin than meat, but all around good. And as Anna said "It's a dollar!" So how can you complain?

And we're walking, we're walking, northbound to the Flushing mall on 39th Avenue. We went to the food court here and passed by a booth that made and sold mini moon cakes. The moon cakes were bite-size and filled with cream so it reminded me of a mini Boston cream doughnut, but the cake portion wasn't overly sweet. Moon cake!They were so good at 12 for $3 that I ended up eating the whole batch within minutes. And I am not ashamed to admit this.

Once we were in the food court we found a table and half of us went for food while Anna and I waited. Anna's recommendation was for Xian's. This location was endorsed and visited by author Anthony Bourdain and also recommended by New York Magazine. It took the first leg of the group about 15 or so minutes to get their orders.

Xian noodle dish with pork and wheat germ

It took way longer for Anna and myself. I watched numerous people get their orders and then watched one of the women behind the counter make my dishes with ease within seconds, which kind of irritated me about the wait since everyone else who ordered after me had gotten their dishes already.

I got lamb meat soup, which wasn't as meaty as the picture at Xian's counter. And the cumin lamb burger which was HEAVY on the cumin. Basically that's all I tasted when I bit into it. My husband liked it and said the cumin wasn't too much for him, but that's where he and my pallets differ.

Lamb "meat" soup and cumin lamb burger in background

By the time Anna and I returned to the table the group had basically finished their dishes and rallied for seconds.

Bev got szechuan dumplings with garlic that wasn't as szechaun-y as she would've liked. As I was informed it should set your throat on fire and this was not the case. Andrew got a noodle dish which he thought was okay and I ventured off to find a bathroom after a while. When I returned Anna bought a large bowl of ice with many accoutrements  such as tapioca bits and coconut jellies. We didn't know everything that we were eating, but it was tasty and light and probably a nice cool down for those of us who had exceptionally spicy foods.

Ice madness!

Afterward, we all went our separate ways from the 7 train and went for some napping, trick or treating, or other plans. All-in-all another successful crawl and I officially got to vegetate for the rest of the weekend.