Quick Note: Awesome week creatively!

This has been an eventful week for me creatively. Artists always have moments of self doubt and I've had mine for years and years. While I've had some successes I hadn't really put myself or my writing out there until recently. And I touched upon this in an essay I submitted to Poets & Writers magazine for their "Why We Write" series. So this past week I met with some friends of mine who I admire as people and fellow artists. I asked for some feedback about some flash fiction I'd been working on. One for years and another just a few months. The one I was working on for years was only 1,000 words--at times less or more--and had drained me to the point I didn't know how to fix it until I got a suggestion or rather someone was confused on a plot point and it hit me that this could be a way to take it further. I got decent feedback in my old writing group and revised for my friends. When I met with them they said I was close and I hit upon the core of the story. It flowed and worked better than the original versions. Hot damn I'm close! Very happy making news.

When I got home from meeting with them that day I got an e-mail from one of the residencies I was wait-listed for. There was a spot open and I was being considered. Was I interested? Hell yes! I followed up immediately and within 12 hours was informed I had a residency in less than 4 weeks to prepare for! Very exciting. My boss gave me the thumbs up to take a month off of work and I was home free!

Since I had just submitted applications to conferences as back up I had to rush and request that they not cash the checks they received. In hearing back from Napa Valley Writers Conference and being informed my checks would be returned I was also told that my submission was well received and that had I kept my application in the running I would've been invited to the conference. Awesome!

And tonight, just a few minutes ago I was looking through the results for the NYC Midnight Short Story competition I was involved in in February. While I'd gotten helpful and positive feedback I wasn't as confident in my piece as I'd mentioned in my post. Well, turns out my story was voted as one of the top 5 in the heat! I was number 3, not a finalist, but still in the top. Again, awesome!

So, for someone who's always doubting their work, who's always wondering if it's good enough, this week has given me a few boosts to believe more in my art, myself, and in going forward whether it takes weeks, months, years and what-have-you. I owe it to myself and others to keep going.

In summary, thanks to everyone this week and from my past and in my future for your support! It means a lot.