Residency Time, Again! Next Stop, Brush Creek (Residency 2 of 2)

So April brought me April showers, in abundance, at Ragdale and hopefully May will be all sun at Brush Creek in Wyoming. I am particularly amped about Brush Creek because it means returning to Wyoming where I had my first and most exuberant and wonderful residency experience. And while the first several days (week) of Ragdale was a bit of a bust in terms of mental capacity and creative flow I am hoping that my time at Brush Creek will entail much, more, much more productivity and not an end of time burst. But we will see.

Brush Creek is a newer residency in Wyoming. It started over a year ago or at least their trial started. I had heard about Brush Creek from those who run Jentel and then later one of the residents I was housed with at Jentel did  trial run for Brush Creek and said she enjoyed it though they were still getting their bearings in terms of structure. So, now that there's been a bit more time in terms of defining Brush Creek I'm eager to see what it can offer and what I can produce.