Sugar-Free (Reduced Sugar) Baking Month Commences!

Last August was gluten-free baking month in my household and so May will be sugar-free (reduced sugar) baking month! So I have said it, so it shall be done. What initiated this train of thinking was the IACP Culinary/Cookbook Expo I went to last month where I saw a great range of cookbooks and authors. One such author was Marisa Churchill whose book Sweet & Skinny focuses on making sugar-free desserts. Many of her recipes use Truvia brand natural sweetener. Upon receipt of a sample of this sweetener I figured it'd be a great test to try and make sugar-free/reduced sugar desserts.

The goal for the month is to make at least four recipes using Truvia and reporting back on the taste, texture, and ease of baking with this product. If time permits there will be some side-by-side comparisons to these recipes with sugar. However, the main goal is to get a sense of what, if any, differences may abound when using an alternate and natural sweetener.

I will be making a couple recipes from Marisa's cookbook, but will also be making some from the recipes available on Truvia's website.

My first attempt will be these:

Fudgy Brownies (photo by Mary Brueske, courtesy Truvia's website)

I'll report back in June. Feel free to follow my Twitter feed for updates and pictures!

Happy baking!