AmpLitFest "Mind the Gap" Panel Video

Hey! Long time no write! If you're looking at the website you see it is new and fabulous! Thanks again to Bonnie Chan for the design.

So it's been a busy few months, let alone year (dare I say even more than 2015) and I have lots going on. One of which is panels! Being on them and planning them. The video below is one of the four panels I was on in June at AmpLitFest to talk about diversifying publishing. Had a great time with MiP guest Zareen Jaffery, William Johnson, and Leigh Stein. Look forward to next year and thanks Clare Marsh for inviting me!

The #SupportWNDB Campaign! It's All the Rage These Days

The #SupportWNDB campaign has kept me a tad bit busy these past few weeks (and for the coming weeks until it ends). And if you haven't heard about it after it trended on Twitter here's a bit of background on the initiatives of We Need Diverse Books.

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