Fave Reads of 2015

I'm going to preface this post with the fact that I had written this back in December to go live first week of January and it was gone. Thanks a lot WP. Anywho, I redid it and here goes. Gotta keep with tradition. 

I think last year was stronger for books than previous years for me. I’ve been trying to spread out more in terms of reading more nonfiction and poetry, not just a handful but a significant amount to combat the amount of fiction I read. One can dare to dream for a job where this is your soul day-to-day. Alas, perhaps that is in my near future. 

So here’s a breakdown of the books that totally tugged at my heart strings after I placed it back on my bookshelf.

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Book Expo 2013: How's the Publishing Industry Faring Since?

Once again Book Expo was held in NYC during a hot (and semi-humid) few days. There was talk about the state of the industry and digital components (and vendors) had a key area in the Digital Zone. What is the state of the industry or really prospects on the state? Hopefully ever optimistic and growing.

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