Fourth Writers' Platform Builder's Campaign!

It's 2012 and I am so psyched to be able to participate in Rachel Harrie's Write Campaign. Rachel started this to get writers together from various locales and we connect by visiting each other's blogs, networking with each other online, and providing support you may or may not already have over the course of several weeks.

I first heard about the Write Campaign via one of the writers I participated in the NYCMidnight challenge with. She had done it and I had unfortunately missed the deadline. But I kept vigil and am glad to say that I made it in time to register for this years' campaign.

I strongly suggest any emerging writers join as you can make great connections, get in some good prompts to create in case you may be stuck, and it's always good to provide and gather good vibes from other writers going through the same things you are.

Last day to register is February 15th. So make sure to visit Rachel's blog and fill in the entry form and follow the necessary steps. And don't forget to spread the word and note the hashtag #writecampaign on Twitter to connect with other entrants once it commences.

Hope to see you there!