In August, I Intend to #WRITELIKECRAZY!

Soooo, if you haven't already heard Tayari Jones is launching #WRITELIKECRAZY for August. Joining authors together to set goals for the month in terms of what we hope to accomplish. Unlike NaNoWriMo this doesn't necessarily mean finishing a whole work in 30 or 31 days but to maintain a daily schedule or finishing a query letter and most importantly to write for yourself and set some boundaries that no one, not even yourself, will cross. So here's my goal:

Write at least 60 minutes a day, everyday. And this means taking this time out for every day in August whether I am up for it or not. It also means that should I do five hours one day that I still need to write for at least sixty minutes for the next five days. The goal is not just to rack up thirty hours but to make sure I am giving myself time to write and carving that niche out for myself and pushing aside anything else that may deter from that goal.

So far I've done well for the first day of #WRITELIKECRAZY. And I hope tomorrow, being a free day at the conference I am at, will allow me to take on many more hours. Make sure to use the #WRITELIKECRAZY hashtag on Twitter and you can post goals and support on Tayari's Facebook page.

Have fun writing in August everyone!