4th Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign: Seven Meme
March 21, 2012

Well, I’ve been bad with the Write Campaign but wanted to try and play catch up! Traci was nice enough to tag me in the 7 Meme that other Campaigners have been doing and it’s been fun to see the results!

The Rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating
4. Tag 7 authors
5. Let them know


I decided to choose a portion from my YA Sci-fi novel (first book in a trilogy) that I’ve been working on since last summer.

The Facility 

“I’ll be right back. Let’s try lifting next okay?” he offered. He gave her a brief smile where his dimples showed.

“Great,” she said to herself with as much sarcasm as she could muster. In a minute she’d be huffing with every rep. Her arms would burn and that would be just what L.A. wanted. “Feel the burn,” he often said. After hearing it a dozen times a day she was ready to spike him. But she feigned a smile when he winked at her saw her struggle as her arms were ready to go limp but she pushed through it.

Getting her bearings Celia got on her knees then her feet as she watched the girls flirt with him.

(Admittedly not the most titillating part of the book, but hey some tension is there!) :-)


And here are the others I’ve tagged from one of my groups (sorry if you’ve already been tagged in me being all delayed and what not):

Prerna Pickett

Alison Miller

Melissa Dean

Jaye Viner

KS Collier

Michael Haynes

Cortney Pearson

Hope everyone is thriving during the Write Campaign and in their own writing as well!

8 thoughts on “4th Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign: Seven Meme

  1. What fun! I just looked through my current WIP and just didn’t feel ready to share, but thanks for the tag! I’m finally catching up on blogging. So nice to meet you!

  2. Titillating in the gym! Hahaha. This is a fun tag and read. I hadn’t seen it before being that I’m out of the loop and detached from the campaign as well. Thanks for the tag! Good luck on your WIP. It looks pretty solid.

  3. Hey Alison!

    Oh, I know it can be tense to reveal a WIP. No worries, hope the writing is going great! Good writer vibes your way!

  4. Thanks a bunch, Jaye! It can get raunchy in the gym. 😉

    Yeah, it’s hard to keep up with so many blogs but there are lots of great people, like you!, in the campaign that I’ve been happy to connect with.

  5. I got tagged a second time!! This time I’m leaving it up to those who want to participate. Luckily, my tagger knew I’ve got 2 wips going on at the moment, so…

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