Spoken Black Girl Mag's #BlackVoices in Publishing Panel

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to be part of the first Spoken Black Girl magazine Black Voices in Publishing Panel at Civic Hall. We had a great time and it was livestreamed on Facebook (see the Source link below)! I have come to learn that I use many many hand gestures when I speak. Never have to worry about that on my podcast, so we learned something.

Anywho, thanks to all involved especially Tamika for doing the AV, Rowana for organizing, Driadonna and Raquel for being brilliant and all who attended. Hope to see more of these to come to encourage PoCs in publishing!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/TamikaTTaylor/vid...

Time to Get Realistic (My #2018Goals)

We're midway into January, folks, which means some of us are still making a go of our "New Year/New Rules" and others have already dispensed of those lofty goals. 

I used to make annual goals in a thick spiral notebook. At the end of every year I'd look at said goals to see I accomplished a very small amount or simply forgot an abundance of what I had planned for myself. That's when I tried to minimize my aims on a quarterly basis. That also didn't work because for one, things happen. New opportunities, different places to focus my energy, and of course the unexpected be it my health or other things outside of my control.

I've always kept in mind Tayari Jones' post about realistic goal setting years ago on her blog. This post in opposition to or maybe a complement of #NaNoWriMo. What Tayari proposed was not setting ourselves up to fail. What are the most realistic intentions you can set for yourself without breaking the bank and looking back as though you're a failure? 

Much of the time I ignore my own health in the interest of getting things done (usually for other people). So far every year I have lessened and/or made firm demands on my time. I've quit volunteer positions that soaked up too much time & energy. I've flat out told people I will be paid for my time, especially if it means taking time off of work or leaving the city of New York. Even if I could use the money I have said no to jobs that I know would be emotionally taxing. And I can tell you I don't regret quitting unpaid jobs or saying no to instances when I'm not compensated/respected. 

Things aren't going to get easier in life. Yeah, I'm less stressed in ways than I was during my divorce though other stressors arose and expectations from other areas have come financially as well as time-wise. As me and many others have learned: No one is going to swoop up and save you. So it's time for us to save ourselves.

For one month, starting on MLK day, January 15th. I'm setting daily goals for myself that are attainable as long as I keep myself accountable and focus my attention & efforts. It means parsing out what is important and limiting what isn't. I'm partly writing it here for accountability. I came up with this several days ago, but realized if I attempted to do a one-day turnaround I was again setting myself up to fail. I took a few days to consider what I wanted and when I would start and to commit to this for 1 month before making this a new life change situation. 

Here goes:

  • Write for 1 hour a day (minimum)
  • Meditate for 10 minutes a day (minimum)
  • Do some form of exercise/movement (duration can vary)
  • Write at least 1 reason to be grateful in journal friend gave me
  • Always remember to breathe
  • Do not get on social media first thing in the morning
  • No social media on weekends
  • Read a poem every day

Wish us all luck in meeting our goals. I'll post again on February 16th to note how I did and where I may have flubbed. No stress and no excuses. 

Saying "When": Why I Backed Out of a TEDx Talk

I'm a perfectionist in some respects. When my name is on something I need to be proud of the product. It's part of why my output is not as high as others because I do slave over words and message and meaning and intent. It's what makes me a good editor but also a slow writer. So I reviewed these words over and over and found I could not relay them with enthusiasm. This meant I couldn't stand behind a product I didn't believe in, nor travel to a convention and memorize words I didn't have the heart to say. It's not ideal to back out less than 2 weeks before an event but I had to stick to my own beliefs and the work I put out that has not only my name but face on it. 

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